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How we started it?

The history of racing pigeon in Bangladesh can be traced back to the endeavor of few racing pigeon enthusiasts who got together in 2003 and decided that the sport of pigeon racing should be given an institutional shape by forming a racing pigeon fraternity, and thus Bangladesh Racing pigeon Association was born. The members who founded the club are, Rezaur Rahman Sinha, A.M.Maqsood Ahmed (Sonnet), Md. Sikender Ali, Alauddin Shopon and Manzur Hasan Rizon. In the next few years the club grew in an astounding pace, to reach the landmark of two hundred members within six years. Before the formation of the club there were some birds with some pigeon fanciers in the country. They maintained them as show birds rather than racing pigeons. The first racing birds that were brought officially for the purpose were brought by A.M.Maqsood Ahmed in 2003 from UK. He brought 12 birds from London and in the same year he also brought 30 birds from Belgium. That was the beginning and today it is estimated that Bangladesh has approximately 20,000 racing pigeons.

In the following years, Rezaur Rahman Sinha, Sikender Ali, Alauddin Shopon, and a few other members imported top grade pigeons from Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.The main success of BRPEL is in its organizing capability, the capability to manage and maintain a wide variety of top grade pigeons by providing management and medical support to the members. BRPEL organizes regular races where huge number of pigeons from a number of members participate. In the recent past, renowned names in the racing pigeons world such as Eijerkamp, Marcel Sangers,Vredeveld came to Bangladesh with their birds. It is a great honor for a country with only a few years of pigeon racing history behind it. So, that is our background. We invite you to go through the pages and appreciate our effort.

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